Act with Compassion

Cultivating compassion for yourself, others and the world around you, I believe, is one of the most important steps in achieving improved mental and emotional health. 

As a society, we have developed this belief that being compassionate or kind is a weakness. In comparison, more of a non-empathic strategy to become 'successful' is rewarded. Differences between humans and other species are magnified, and when we see ourselves as separate, we can act unconsciously to do what we think we need to do. Similarly, humans have become separate or disconnected from themselves so again, you experience some pain or feeling low - you will more likely beat yourself up about it or at least not nurture yourself through it. So ultimately, when we come to the 'knowing' (and it is a very strong sense of knowing) that we are more alike than we are different, we are all connected and feel a deep sense of connection with your body - compassion will naturally come. 

For many, compassion for self and others is so far away from the norm, this needs to be developed gradually. Using the framework from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, the building blocks of developing self-compassion include acknowledging pain, diffusing from self-judgement, acting with kindness, developing an attitude of acceptance, providing validation, and feeling connected.