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The Conscious Place

The Conscious Place is a growing practice. Currently, the focus is to provide psychological services to adults and adolescents to expand their awareness of their inner experience, cultivate self-compassion and to foster a sense of deep inner security so people can leap into life with confidence.

My vision for The Conscious Place is that it will be a space for a variety of services to serve the community in a holistic way. 


Contract position

There is current capacity for 1 - 2 registered psychologists to provide psychological services to adolescents and/or adults. By working at The Conscious Place, you will receive full admin support and receive supervised practice. 

Georgina (practice owner) is a board approved clinical supervisor and can provide the supervision required for psychologists who are participating in the clinical registrar program. 

If you would like to find out more about this position, please contact Georgina at 

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