Move Towards Discomfort

Since you were an infant, you likely learned to avoid or distract yourself away from unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings or body sensations. While this may have worked in the short-term, this can become problematic in later life because 'emotions' are not just invisible concepts... they are a form of energy and if it continues to be ignored, they will manifest themselves in other ways (usually unhelpful behaviours). The patterns you learned in early life form your unconscious... and it is our unconscious that drives most of our behaviour.

Something that really strikes me about our current society is that we really don't like to be uncomfortable and we will do pretty much anything to distract ourselves from being with our thoughts and emotions.

The use of Panadol is a really simple example. When you have a headache, there could be a variety of causes for this such as dehydration, too much screen time, not enough sleep, food intolerance/sensitivity etc. However, instead of trying to understand what this headache is trying to tell you, you might just use some pain relief and continue living in the same way you're accustomed to. So yes, helpful in the short-term (pain is gone) but in the long term, what happens when you continuously ignore what your body is trying to tell you? I'll leave that for you to think about. 

Working with a psychologist, you will move towards discomfort rather than shutting it away in a very safe, nurturing and gradual manner while also developing skills to help you cope with this discomfort.